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Something That I Own!

Syaharil, Christy, Puan Winnie, Ned and Linda (not present: Jason, Azmi, Ain & Mr. Zack)

We were there but I don't know went wrong, the emcees announced that we were not. Harsh! Since my involvement in debates, weird things happened all time. But, like they said, got to swallow the bitter pills. We did receive the prizes soon after and we acted like the 'thing' did not give any impact at all. It did actually but we still try to give the best smile that we can.
9 Comment(s):

Syaharil ko punya kolig ka tu ned?? mcm sa kanal.. hehehe

iya... kolig sa ba tu.. orang kb juga... hehehehe

and this kuai girl is? (kuai) r u some hand model or something? ^^ (kidding)

Ned: hehehe... mcm sedara jauhhh tuh.. LOL

Destiny: LOL... i am NOTHING..:P~~

to kuai, nothing is something ok! and that nothingness can be interesting! i think i have made a new friend LOL


nice kowing u then.. *winks*

Wah.. apa anugrah ko dpt ni Ned? Bulih tahan ko ni :D

anugerah besa jala.. yg debate tu.. hehehe

tedala ornest.. besa2 ja ba tu... hehehe :p

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