Trip To Kuching

These are the photos that my friends and I managed to take whilst the trip to Kuching. Actually, in the first place, there are 8 of us but due to uncontrolable circumstances, only 5 of us were able to make it on the trip. So here goes.

This is the Lodge that we stayed at - Lodge 121, nice Lodge I should say

Jalan2 cari makan

Woho... this is one big and tall house

Nicely snapped

I say "no way"... adakah angkat lesung padi guna mulut... Interesting..

Diapit dua gadis jelita

Hahaha... wasn't ready actually but I still think that this is a nice snap

At Kampung Budaya

Making our way across the river

At Cat Museum

Love this one..

At Fort Margherita

Hahaha... Nice photo I should say

We stayed in a dorm. Supposedly, there should be 8 of us but last minute calls, left only 5, huhu

Last photo infront of the Lodge we stayed at

At the aiport, making our way back to KK

Overall, the trip was fun and educating. This was actually my second visit to Kuching. First visit, I was 15. One that has never change, is the fact that, Kuching is very clean. And the food is cheap. My only regret is, we went to 3 Karoekes and none of those place really excite me compare to KK. I see one blatant fact here, Sabah has many talented and good singers!


my_awg said…
hye owh pigi kuching nda ajak urang
i was in kuching last april
mesti ada tinguk my school kan??
ada pigi lepak gerai Raja ayam penyek ka? hapening tu malam2..
(haha u know wat!!)
bah bila mau jalan2 sama2?
cikgu2 kan banyak duit? hahahahhaha