The Monsok Story - You and Your Heart

It all started when this friend, Herry, posted a series of photos to Facebook. I remember clearly. I woke up late that Friday morning and I noticed there were a few text messages in my hp. One of it was from Lumis saying that there's going to be a charity project in Tambunan. A bit over the top, I rushed to work to find out what's the charity all about. This was not the original charity plan we have in mind actually but due to uncontrollable circumstances, we've chosen this particular house instead of the first one.

After correspending with some friends here and there with very informal discussion, we decided to help out, in the means of in our capabalities. Then it was decided that O2C Family will be the organizer of this project and soon enough, we came out with the name Program Keluagra Angkat Monsok. First meeting was held at Vino Vino, KK Times Square, one of my favourite place to hang out nowadays. There were 12 of us altogether during the first meeting; Junior, Mesh, Dairen, Olumis, Popo@Jenifer, Gidong, Bosing, Olen, Sumpit, Clay, HarS and me myself. I was chosen to became the Project Manager, which I am very honoured to be, we then delegated works within ourself.

Project Manager - Ned
Setiausaha - HarS
Bendahari - Lumis
Pengangkutan/Logistik - Jr
Penginapan - HarS
Makanan - Mesh & Bosing
Dokumentasi - Dairen
Event Organizer - Jr
AJk - all O2C members

We have chosen 15th of August 2009 as the date to visit the family - just a week after the first meeting. At first, everything went out smoothly. We wanted to buy some plywoods as well as repairing the roof of the house. But things went wrong when theres's what I call as 'leaking of info' and we were adviced by 'people' that we CANNOT do anything to the house, be it repairment or any kind of refurbishments. I was shocked and sad at first but knowing that my other comrades are doing their best to make this project to a realization, I pulled myself together and discuss with my them of the possiblity to change the original plan. And yes, two heads are always better than one. We managed to resolve the problem. And guys, these are the photos, the documentation of this project. Personally for me, it was not only a physical passage but also an emotionally journey for all of us. It had shown us that we can make a difference and it only by a single spark, combined to became a big flame.

This photo was taken infront of Tips, Tambunan. Thanks to Clarence of KM
(there were 2 Clays, jadi terpaksa kasi nick name yang satu la).
Bungkus barang2 and keperluan2 yang perlu dibawah p Monsok

Upon reaching the house, we were greeted by the family and some neighbours. Hars had already informed the JKK of our plan to visit the family.

Husband (76) and wife (81), the oldest living couple in Kuala Monsok, Tambunan

I wonder, what was in her mind...

Clarence of Tamparuli, showing how to use the medications and supplements
- Thank to Dr. Aldren.

A snap with the family, friends and JKK Kampung Kuala Monsok, Tambunan.

- Apa ko buat tu Ned?
- Teda, batuk.
- Ko nangis tu kan....?
Hahahaha.... Well guys, I am very fragile. Couldn't say more... My friends know me best.

This is one, very informal project in which a group of friends gathered over 'lunch' and decided to do something for this family. We represent neither government nor NGOs and this was completely based on the willingness and sincerity of individuals. To all donaters and friends whose hands had been willingly helping us with this project, both implicitly and explicitly, a word of thanks and appreciation might not be enough but read this; good things happen to good people. It doesn't have to be big. Nor should it be much. It's just you and your heart - because I believe, one man change the world!

Thank you guys, God Bless. Job well done!

*more story at 02C-family blog


C A T said…
good job y'all!
Wel^Beiolman said…
nice deeds...gbu u all..keep doing the great job guys..
dogoes said…
Well done. GBU...
Jovita said…
wah, bersemangat korang ahh...teruskan usaha yang bagus ni...
thx guys.... ada plan lagi mo buat ni lain kali... never wanted it to be big.. just a decent kinda thing... :)