My Life With My Friends (Bunch of them!)

Elparanza's Grand Reunion 2008 at Mamutik Island

Let me just share with you precious moments of my life with my friends, or more like brothers and sisters to me. These are the combination of old but timeless photos with recent ones. Some of it were already posted in my previous post but well, I just can't help but to share it again with all of you. Mungkin ada di antara orang-orang dalam gambar yang kamu kenal, cousin-cousinkah atau long lost friends, atau ada yang berkenan di hati kah, let me know. After all, this is one of the purpose to blog.

Elparanza Trip to Kuching, Sarawak.
There were supposed to be 8 of us but last minute call, left 0nly 5.

Malalap Trip where everyone wanted to look cute. Cute? Rite...

Joe's resident at Kinarut during Elparanza Soft Reunion

This one was taken infront of Vino Vino, KK Times Square
after the meeting of Monsok Charity.

Okay, I don't really remember where this photo was taken at but yeah,
see it for yourself. Cool kan?

Infront of Beta Apartment, Labuan.
Posed with BBKK merchandises. Interested? Hehe

I have to say credit to the photographer for this awesome photo.
Snapped at War Memorial, Labuan.

My closest like-family-friends, the Elparanza.
Most of us met each other during Uni years and yet, the bond is as strong as ever!

Play for health. Futsal at Penampang Futsal Centre.
These are out tentative events; Volleyball, Pingpong, swimming, tennis, badminton and ....

Everyone is an island in this photo. Trying to be as cool as we can at War Memorial, Labuan.
One of my best trip ever with our closest friends!

This is also one of my favourite photo. This was taken when we were about to leave
for KK from Mahua Waterfall in Tambunan. These are the people who have
made the Monsok Charity a success.