Saranghaeyo Korean Festival (Photos by Kuai Tahir)

Okay, this is interesting. I managed to see the Live performance of the Saranghaeyo Korean Dancers featuring B-Boyz at 1 Borneo last week. I was a bit reluctant to go at first but since I have no plan for the night and furthermore, it's free, I then went to check the fest out. And hear me say, it's worth it. These are the few photos that my dearest friend Kuai Tahir, managed to snap.

This are the B-Boys with their dance routine. Dynamic and uniquely speaking, this was one of the stunt that they mesmerized the audiences with.

Although this step is very common but yet, still I find it very dynamic!

The traditional dance were great too. I just hope there's some kind of an outline, a story, where audience can read in order to relate themselves with the dances. I strongly believe that every movement is an act of something, to show something.

Lumis, Ned , lady dancer, Clay, Popo and friend of Clay..

Okay, this is one funny experience. A video man suddenly came up to me and say "Can I interview you?"

Kuai and Ned... Hahaha....