Honk! If you're Malaysian - Lydia Teh

In this collection of anecdotes, Lydia brings on more trenchant observations that capture the variegated textures, humour and nuances of Malaysian life. She presents the Malaysian panorama in her own special style, characterized by frankness, vitality and humour.

Her book spans an enormous range of topics from the etiquette of public kissing and how to decimate the lizard population to decorating tips for your car interior and how to make records of the biggest, longest variety.

If you''re Malaysian, you will be delighted to recognize yourself within the pages. If you''re not, you''ll be well on your way to becoming one after reading it.


Frankie said…
I bought this book last year :)
I like to read short2 story jak...so ok la for me... baca novel nda larat...hohoh
haha... ok kan tapi ko nda rasa tidak cukup ka "malaysian' dia...??
Frankie said…
ya...i finished reading the book with a huge question mark...this is Malaysian from her kicthen window only...but i like the way how she writes...only she's too innocent to write a 'real Malaysian' scene..heheh