My KL trip (16th-19th Oct 2009) - MSM Night

I went to KL last October and have been wanting to share with you guys the experience I have had. You see, this wasn't the usual trip I have as I've been to KL for so many times before. But this different. For the first time I ever, I will share my encounterment here in this blog. There are so many stories to tell and I hope these series of photos will say it all.

I was asked to join "Pertandingan Menyumbangkan Lagu".. Haha. I didn't win but I had fun. Never done this in my entire life... :)

These are my new friends, well, most of them. I went there together with two other friends, which were seated left and right side of me..

And hmm... I was also asked to join some game and I think because of me, team kami kalah... Sorry kawan2... huhu

Yep, like I said it... Aku punca kekalahan itu.. huhu

Nevertheless, my comrades cuba sedaya upaday utk membantu.. hahaha

My two best buddies, from my right Ollen Maiku and Bosku Bert... :)

Well, that's it for now. I will have another entry on my KL trip once I have the chance to update.