Rejection is Hard!

You commonly face rejection when you ask for a promotion, send off CV's or go for job interviews. Job searching can be a very testing time, but in that arena you probably accept you need to go through some kind of rejection to get the right job. You don't hesitate to send off another CV or go to another interview, if, at first, you don't succeed.

However, it seems to be far harder for us to bounce back and go on another date than it is to book that next interview.We tend to invest more of ourselves emotionally into any dating situation, so you're likely take this type of rejection more personally and feel it more intensely.

Dealing with being rejected

Here are my top tips on how to deal with rejection:

1. Every 'no' that you receive is bringing you closer to the right 'yes' and the right person.

2. Think of a time when you rejected a potential date or relationship - what was going through your mind?

3. Take stock and put things into perspective. Avoid using 'always' or 'never,' when you're talking to yourself about it. For example, 'Men/women always reject me' 'I'll never meet anyone.'

4. Remember that each date or relationship (however short) can teach you something if you're open to it and will lead you closer to the right person.

5. Ensure that you analyse the situation accurately and quickly, and avoid phoning everyone you know to moan and prolong your suffering.

6. Avoid binge eating, drinking, moaning and shopping to get over the rejection. Bingeing brings short-term relief and then makes you feel worse.

7. Instead of bingeing, indulge yourself in a self-esteem ritual such as, connecting with people who value you highly, doing something which you have put off for months, doing something you are afraid of, or doing something which makes you look and feel fabulous.

8. Get back on your bike and on the dating scene!

Put the tips into practice and you might even have fun along the way! I know - handling rejection is not easy - but every now and then, it brings you closer to the right person!


Anonymous said…
hey nice post, i could learn from this ;)
hye pandoran,
glad u like it..
yeah, i think im learning too... it wasnt posted for no reason u see :(