Stress Management - Part 1

Stress is inevitable. It comes in so many ways, sometimes we are not even aware of it. In this entry, I will discuss upon how we can manage or control the stress that we face in our everyday's life. This is part 1, maybe, not chronologically correct but I was force by a friend to post this entry, leaving aside the introduction of the actual writing. So, take time to read this and who knows, we can learn something.

How to manage stress

i. Get enough exercise – Perspiring/sweating is an effective anti-anxiety treatment to lift up mood, increase energy while sharpening one’s focus as well as relaxing the mind and body. It also allows good sleep which is very important as it will help us regain our energy loss.

ii. Balance eating – Too much of anything is not good. Therefore, balance diet is important to maintain even blood pressure. This is because, we are what we eat. When we eat too much fat, it will increase the tendency of us being sleepy and tired.

iii. Plan, organize and reflect – These are important so that we can always see the problem that we faced and towards that, we can find better solutions to improve the way we work, be it as an employer or employee.

iv. Not over commit ourselves too high – Some of us might be workaholics. It helps us to get inspired but life is not only about working. There’s more to it. Often, people who are workaholic tend to be very rigid and monotonous. When they failed to achieve what they wanted to achieve, then that‘s when they world crumbled apart. Do things one step at a time and do not try to control everything.

v. MANAGE OURSELVES – we often heard that we need to manage our time wisely but how do we achieve that? It’s by managing ourselves. No matter how good our time planning is but because the lack of discipline to fulfil the requirements of the planning, at the end of the day, we are pressured because we did not achieve what we are suppose to do that day. Hence, tomorrow’s work will be doubled up. This will eventually cause stress to us. The key is discipline.

vi. Be flexible – Sometime, things will not be as we wanted it to be. We cannot control everything. For that very reason, we have to be flexible and adaptable to the unexpected. Otherwise, when unplanned things happen, it will cause you just as much stress as trying to solve it out.

vii. A better way – There’s always a better way to work things out. Be it in our working environment, personal and or in any parts of our life. If you need to do more works where long hours are required, find a better way to solve or to least out our burden. Optimize the usage technology around us and stop thinking as if we are the only person in this world who can do the work right. Delegate and outsource the work to people we can work better with. Remember, two heads are better than one.

viii. Stress is from the inside – Remember this. Stress is not about things around you. It’s a choice you made. No matter how tough and complicated things for you, if you choose to stay relax and do things a step after another, you will always feel calm and organized. It is the way you do the work and not the work itself that keeps you stressed and frustrated.

ix. Focus on the positive side – When stress is getting us down, take a moment to reflect on all the things you appreciate in life. Whenever problem occurs, think it as a chance for the betterment of our lives.

x. Make time for fun and relaxation – There’s a time for everything. Go for a jog, pamper yourself by going to spa or massage, work in your garden, listen to music and or simply have a coffee or tea with your friends. Talk about what’s going on with your life and share tips on how to manage life efficiently.

I've found so many informative site about stress management but sometimes the language is too 'medical' or too 'scientific' so I have decided to write in a simpler and easy to understand language. I hope, one way or the other, you guys will find it useful. Do leave your comment. Until then...