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I've Watch New Moon!

Okay fine!
It's not like what I expected it to be but it's okay. Learning from my past experiences, books are always better than the movie. They skipped many scenes but I can take that. It would be impossible to follow everything from the book, don't you guys think? They left a few parts out, but it was for cinematic reasons and the missing parts did not seriously effect the overall understanding of New Moon. Books are always more detail than movies. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie. Better sight of the lines now, if you know what I mean.

I know it's not fair to compare but we have to do it to understand the series more, or at least the movie, for some who haven't read the books yet.

I' now reading Eclipse, the 3d series of the Saga. I've read Stephenie Meyer is coming out with the 5th book, Midnight Sun but because of leaking case, I'm still not sure whether or not, she's going to continue writing it. Btw, I have all 4 books of the Twilight Saga Series :p

I am aware that most readers of the book are girls. As I watch the movie last Sunday, girls from all corners of my side were like giggling, sighing and even screamed. I forgive them for sure, hahaha. It's their thing maybe. Edward and Jacob as well as the Quileutes brothers are indeed studs.

The Warewolves Quileutes

But honestly, this second installment of the series may satisfy hardcore fans, but outsiders, those who haven't read or watch Twilight are likely to be turned off by its slow pace, relentlessly downcast tone and excessive length. In the absence of the first movie, the connection between Bella and Edward didn't seem quite as strong. Bella seemed tortured after Edward left but the book expressed it better then the movie.I've read reviews of this movie and the conclusion is, people will either love it or hate it. How about you people?

I just leave you guys with that thought. But I am still a fan of the Twilight Saga. The movie was good but I think the book is better.

P/s: I don't know. Although there's only little of Dakota Fanning in the movie, somehow, she managed to 'overlapped' all the other characters? Was it just me or she's THAT good?

5 Comment(s):

young dakota is a brilliant talented actress..she might be new Hollywood wave in future...most of her movies are awesome...especially "dreamer" and "I am sam"...

huhahuha..i was there ned

well boleh la hehe..
hey, may i change a link with you?
reply on me when you got a time.

wel, yup... she is....

alv - ko suda tingu new moon juga pula..

diden - you have so many blogs.. which one yang 'burning hot' ni...? and of course.. we should exchange link...

Ned...haha...watched it twice... after watching New Moon (I didn't watch the first one. hehe) it moves me to look for the latest book.. hehe... Btw, jgnla ulang2 "book better than the movie"..paning sa..muahahahha...

But it is true, we can express it well in writing kan, drpd movie.... terhad kunu... Neway, good comment abt d movie.

U shud comment abt 2012 too.. hehe....plan to watch 2012 again...again... again.... hik3....

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