Kudos Bunkface?

Whenever I see this add on TV, it made me laugh. First, the graphic and literal content of the add is quite obvious but what I am more interested is the idea of it. Who came out with such cool and creative idea?

That's why for me, it's never about the actor or actress. It's all about the producer. I mean, yes, the protagonists and antagonists do play a very crucial and significant role but I'm more the 'background' kinda guy.

So again, I just want to say, job well done to the one who came out with the idea and everyone who had made the commercial a simple laugh to look at :)


hahaha.. funny tapi educatingkan...???
hehehe.. love this one...
Pelangi said…
haha cute oo i like :D
ko suka? hehehehe... tapi sekarang d d tv derang kasi pindik suda kan.. hehehe
Fernanda said…
Hi Ned!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting my Blog.
Now, about your question, it was too long ago, I cannot remenber anymore, Sorry ^_^ !!!

I simply loved your post, the music and its content, all for love.

If you want I can send you all the Portuguese stamps I have wone so far... I love to share.

Fernanda or simply NĂ¡, as you wish.