Until I'm Back Again...

Standing alone in a path,
Divided into patches of small ways,
Walking to a distance to find the will,
of memories faded and white, black
Listening only to the footsteps of my feet,
nothing else.

Looking back to the pastures I left behind,
The smiles and the cries,
Disappearing slowly in the midst of routines,
For survival and comfort.

I listen to, every now and then,
The debts I owe to my promises.
The hymns of angelic passion.
Can you hear it too?

There's one thing and one thing only,
The choice to be renewed in a house which isn't home,
To go back to the sweats of breezing wind,
Where the sun shine through trees.
Beautiful. Peace. Love.

Until I'm back again,
My lovely...

By Ned
10.45 a.m
Friday, 20th Nov 2009
Last day at school


Anonymous said…
sounds so sad... yearning
not really... just missing home...