Why Do I blog?

Okay, I started blogging since 2003. During my first year of blogging, I mainly blog of my uni years, sharing opinions and commenting on something. This is actually my 3rd blog after I've deleted 2 of my first blog. I have another blog but it's till under construction. I purposely make the under 'construction blog' for a very specific reason; motivation. I think it's going smooth now.

Okay, my top reasons for blogging now are still the same. Because I love and love to write. Although some of you might say that few of the entries in this blog were copied and then pasted to make as if it's mine, well, I won't differ. Yes but my reason of doing that is to make sure you guys know what I am talking about. I commented every article and stated crystal clear that I took it from somewhere else. Plus, I've also included the link of the article. Hope that's clear to you guys.

Another reason why I blog is the fact that, I love the internet so much that I've decided to give back something to the internet communities. This is what I call sharing. In fact, we can also meet new friends and extend our network to a wider perspectives. Not to mention on the knowledge and experience we gain.

And not to forget nuffnang or your respective add in your blog. It gives you money at a click. Who can say no to that? I mean, yeah, you're blogging and hoping people will give feedback and comments but now, you get paid for that. Cool isn't?


ned, i love this post.. now you are speaking very london!! haha.. and it was synchronize to your last [http://anakjagung.blogspot.com/2009/11/aku-dan-kisahku.html] posting.. well, i am agree with your thought here ned.. this also remind me with my first time blogging ever.. haha.. so much criticize that i got from others.. :) Thanks for this post bro!
thx bro... begitulah tu... baru mo belajar2 speaking london... kalau ada salah dan silap tu, kasi betul2 lah ah.. huhu.... thx for commenting...