This is not a Christmas Story?

Nope, I haven't watch A Christmas Carol yet. And I missed both Ondu and Nel's pre-Christmas party. I'm at home trying to figure out what's the best thing that had happened in my life this 2009.


~ Family ~
~ Relatives ~
~ Friends ~
~ Relationship ~
~ Love ~
~ Career ~
~ Future plans ~

You lose something, you gain something. That's how life is and was. Been blessed with a loving family and relatives. And my Elparanza Family, you guys are still the best.

Met new friends along the way. I miss you guys too. And I believe that you guys came for a reason, if not reasons, in my life. Thanks for making my year even worth living.

New hobby, photography. Yup, still learning and learning.

..... xoxo ......

Dear Santa, don't give me the crap that you know whether or not I have been good or bad. I didn't say you exist neither do I say you're not. I see in movies, yes, long beard, amazing cute tummy, those eyes with glasses and that red attire and your ho ho ho too. And some version, with Mrs. Claus! Don't get me wrong. I have nothing againgst you and I hope you don't take my word seriously but please, send me blissful love and tenderness. Not in a box. Oh, I forgot. Send me my Christmas spirit again.... Long, once upon a time, 9 years ago. Hard. Tough.

I miss you dad, you're my first man!

I'm sure the best is yet to come and I will wait patiently.

I want to feel how good it was to love and be loved, again.

I want to further my study.

Hope my apartment is done!

2010, come what may.

I love God. And I love my family. And relatives. And friends. And my career too.

My name is Ned and I will be ready!