8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 2)

The Beginning

It was dark. And I think I’m standing alone. I didn’t know where I was until a light suddenly flashed and a very bright being stand in front of me. She (I think) stood and watched me for a minute. Smiling.
- You have no idea where you are, don’t you?
- Who are you? Where am I?
- You are at the gate of heaven...
- What? Come again...?
- Just a while ago, your car crashed because you were sleepy. And then you’re here...
- Excuse me?
- Oh I forgot. You were always this slow. I watched you every day since the first day you were born.
- Right. And who are you again?
- I am your Guardian Angel, Jim.
- I’m sorry. I really need to attend a meeting now. I don’t know who you are and if you don’t mind showing me the way back to my car, please...
- You died 5 minutes ago!
And that was the joke of the day. Dead. Right. Like hello, I am late now. I am on my way to a meeting. A very important one. Been looking forward to this meeting since 3 months ago. A development project. Safe one. Will not ruin the environment. Will give the community work. Will give the town a boost in architecture. Common, I’m late. Just show me my way back.
- Oh Jim, I know you’re slow but not stupid. Look around you. What can you see? Nothing. You are practically dead!
- Then why am I here talking to you when I am supposedly dead?
- Like I said, I am your guardian angel
I looked at the face of the bright being. Angel huh? The where are the wings?
- How low is your mind now Jim? Certainly you know that not all of us appear to you with wings.
- I don’t have time for this. Please, just show me the way back to my car. I pay u.
- You are a changed man, Jim. Long time ago, you are not a man you are now. Let me show you what happened to you just now.
And at a blink of an eye, I saw myself lying on the road. Thick blood coming out from my head and chest. My car crashed to a nearby hill. Not long after, people started to stop their cars. Looking at me terrified. I hear people calling the police. And I also hear scream of sacredness. Now I remember. I was sleepy and tired and stressed. I remember the accident. But I was alive. I managed to go out of the car. But that was it. And everything seems different after that.
- What you see now is yourself. You are now dead, Jim. Don’t worry though. You’re body will be taken care of.
- It couldn’t be. I’m young. I’m not ready for this.
- Things aren’t as you wished it to be. And it could happen at the least time you expect it to be.
- But why can’t I feel pain? Why am I not sad?
- Oh Jim... how naive you are now. You used to know that death is like sleeping. You don’t feel anything.
At that point I know the claim-to-be my guardian angel is telling the truth.
- My name is Arthur, your guardian angel. I know all things about you. ALL.
I look around me. Suddenly it’s dark again and I can only see Arthur. He’s beautiful and moderately a figure of a woman, but I was wrong. He says that his name is Arthur and that’s a guy’s name.
- Don’t worry about my name Jim. Whether you like it or not, you’re dead but this is not the end for you. You are going to meet 8 people you’ve encountered in your life before you move to next stage.
- What 8 people? What next stage?
- Patience’s a virtue Jim. One thing at a time.
This is confusing. 8 people? Next stage? I’m dead?
- Some of the people you are going to meet played an important stage in your life. You might not recall them but they did play a very crucial part in your life. They have been waiting for you.
Oh sure, they want me dead. How awesome is that...
- Often in your life, you questions how things doesn’t go your way. How confused you were at times and how wrong your life was. These people will be explaining to you bits by bits until you realize what your life was really like and come to understand it. This is important before you move to the next stage.
- What next stage? What for?
- You will see Jim. This is the first person you are going to meet.
Then it was cloudy and cold. Soft wind blew and I felt like I was flying. Then I saw a man. He’s in uniform carrying a sling bag. Walking slowly approaching me.


nc said…
O my goodness.
this is ..heaven. :)
thx for taking time to read my entry... as you know, this is totally fictional... teda kaitan dengan hidup dan mati... jika ada, hanya kebetulan sahaja...

please read part 1 to know more... hehehe...
Zainil Ekram said…
herow ned!!

i particularly like d part "Oh sure, they want me dead. How awesome is that..."..

its kind of catchy.. i think.. anyway,nice one u hv up der.. i wish i can say things as smooth as dat ohhh
zainil - it came out of nowhere... hahaha... i like writing but not very good at it.. i hope to improve by doing this..

thx for commenting.. please do comment more :)