8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 3)

The First Person Jim Meets

- Hello Jim.
- Hello...?
I was at home. Yeah. My home when I was 19. I can smell the wooden structure of my house. And my mother’s cooking. I can smell my father blowing smoke of his cigar. I look around but I see nobody.
- At ease Jim, relax. You’re in good hand.
- Who are you? Where am I?
- Clearly Jim, this is your house when you’re 19. You’re still living with your parents remember. And me, oh, you don’t know me. I don’t know you too. Not until I die. I have been waiting for you.
- Waiting for me? Wanting me dead?
- Don’t be confused my friend. I can wait forever for you. In utmost of my concern, I never wanted you to die, but yes, sooner or later, we will.
- Who are you?
- Let us sit down Jim and I will explain to you.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, two chairs appeared before us.
- Common, help yourself.
The man sits and looks at me. Direct to the eyes. I decided to stand.
- On your own good time, you will sit my friend. I’m here, as ordered, as the first person who will tell you the first part of your life. Happened to me when I die and now, my obligation is to wait for you. And trust me, you will too.
- What is this about? It’s cracking my head.
- Oh well, let me begin. My name is Stan and I am a postman. See this uniform. I was the guy who sent you the letter of acceptance to Yale. See it in your mind?
Then the image holds before me. It was 20 years ago. I was sitting down, reading newspaper. My mom was cooking and father was sitting while puffing his cigar. A man knocked at the door and I opened it.
- I remember you. You were the guy...
- Indeed I am. I was the guy who gave you the letter. You see Jim, being a postman is not easy. Early that morning, my boss and I had a big quarrel. He accused me of stealing a cheque that I have never seen before. But it was like any other day. I didn’t bother much because I know I didn’t steal the cheque. I remember that your big letter was the last letter I have to deliver that day. Right before that, my boss called and said that the police are looking for me. I panicked although I know, I was innocent. My boss said that I need to return the cheque or otherwise I’ll be in prison. I wanted to run away. Those days, your boss is your master. When they accuse you of something, you are guilty of it.
That is the time I sit.
- But you weren’t guilty. I remember watching television that night and the news said that your boss went bankrupt.
- Yes, true. Besides being the boss of our delivery company, he owns an entertainment club. He tried to run from bankruptcy and accused me of stealing his cheque. But remember Jim, this isn’t about me. This is about you.
- Yes...
- So you see Jim, I was riding my bike as usual and as stupid as I was that day, I did try to run away. But I remember the last letter which was yours. It’s very hard to make decision at that time but I know, I have to give you the letter. In a rush, I rode the bike to fast that I fell and bruised myself. But I went to your house anyway.
- Yeah, that explains the blood in your foot.
- Jim, despite the fact that I was in trouble, I came to you delivering something that you really need at that time. No, this isn’t about me. But Jim, you never really appreciate people who come and go in your life. You took them for granted. All you care was yourself. Nothing more that yourself and your ambition. But people struggled for you yet you didn’t care. Far from giving them a sense of appreciation. Remember the little girl who was in the park? The one who found your wallet? She saw you dropped the wallet. She picked the wallet and ran to you. Did you say thank you? No you didn’t. And do you know what happened to that little girl after she gave you your wallet? She was accidently abandoned by her parents who thought she was at the back of their car and was raped because she was lost.
At that point, I was shocked. I remember that incident close to my head. I was about to pay for my flight ticket and if it wasn’t for that girl, I could never have flown to US. I didn’t even care to say thanks and ask her where’s her parents.
- So you see my friend, everyone who comes in our life play a very important role in shaping where we’re heading.
- Oh I am sorry, I didn’t know...
- It’s okay... The girl is okay now. She’s a policewoman because of you. See how you play an impact towards other people lives.
Then the man disappears. When I still need to ask questions, he disappears. But then, I felt guilty and worthless. All this while, I thought I have been helping people. But I didn’t seem to notice how others are helping me too.
- So how was your first meeting?
Out of nowhere, Arthur suddenly stands by my side.
- Educating.
- Good. You’re learning.
- But why now? Why not when I was still alive?
- One step at a time my friend. One step at a time. You will meet your second person now.
Then a figure of a lady appears. Black long shiny hair. White dress. 2 inches heels. Singing. Very beautiful voice.... “think of me, think of fondly when we’ll say goodbye...
- Mandy!


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