8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 4)

Who is Jim?

Jimmy Adreal Simba, First Class LLB, Yale Law School.

How proud I was.

The only one from Sabah. Infact the only one from Malaysia.

I hate school and I almost dropped out. I realized my dream when I was Form 5. Moral of the story, it’s never too late to start something.

I am my own boss. I own a Legal firm based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I represent mostly real estate company and the money is good.

I am single. No girlfriend. I am not gay!

I own a Golden Retriever named Alex.

I hate golf.

My definition of rest is sleep.

I have two cars. A Porsche and a Hummer!

I don’t go to clubs. I don’t go to pubs.

I love fencing.

I drink coffee when I’m working but not for breakfast. I love Chipsmore. I think it is delicious.

I have a mansion I call The Address. It has 7 bed rooms, a pool and a pool table. I also have a mini cinema for me to watch the news.

I am the only child in the family. My parents have long gone.

I enjoy travelling. But my favourite place, I have to say, Egypt.

Do business partners count as friends?

I am 39 years of age when I died. And I am rich.


biar kamu kenal sepa c jim dulula ah.. working on part 6 now... hmmm...
macam panjang kan... menyesal pula tulis 8 people...
Anonymous said…
Fencing??? Doesn't sound like Sabahan... Patut ko bilang memburu baitu hehehe. Talampau kaya jg si Jim ni, mcm setanding Tiger Wood wpun dia ndak suka golf hahaha... Bah, part 5 capat :D
oiga - nanti ko tau kenapa c jim ni suka fencing... part 6 tu keluar.. :)
dia tidak suka memburu sebab dia malas masuk hutan...

satu yang sa tidak suka pasal c jimmy kan, dia tidak mo sama orang lain.. huhu... dia sentiasa mo jadi trend starter.. tapi minta puji.. huhu...
estut - mandy is going to appear in part 5
Qhris said…
tu sebab da mati awal wlpun kaya bis da kana pedang...hehe
san said…
waduh... i am not ready going to die, habis laini... :( ..
san - uii.. jangan cakap macam tu ba.. teda maksud apa2 ni ceta ni.. bukan mo kasi ingat pasal mati tapi sekadar penulisan yang direka2 :)