8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 6)

The One Thing Jim Had Forgotten

- Jim, do you believe in heaven?
- I don’t know.
- You used to know. Jim Before, when you were a little kid, you used to draw a big house you called Heaven. It has a bright light surrounding it and God is there. Opening his arm wide to welcome everyone. Then you show it to your mother. Then your father. You said, one day you will go to heaven.

That was long ago. I remember suddenly how I used to sing gospel songs when I was at the church. And when I go to bath, or whenever I was scared or alone. It made feel safe. And protected. Because the angels will sing with you. They will not judge how you sing, as long as you sing it from your heart. It just that, you can’t hear them... or, maybe yes if you listen carefully...

- I used to sing with you almost every day Jim. And I will tell you when you were off key. That’s why you always stop whenever you feel like you were out of the not. Then if you listen carefully with your heart, you will hear me singing in your ears. I don’t mean to judge you, just teaching you to be better.
- I was not a good singer.
- Yes you were. You sang beautifully. But you have forgotten that...

It was an annual event. The Christmas Carol we used to have. I know people are still doing it now but I don’t really pay attention to that anymore. I was too occupied reading cases after cases. It’s a hand full you see. But Christmas had always been my favourite celebration. Yup, until now. I don’t really do much about Christmas during my last days of living but still I love Christmas.


- Jim, it’s your turn.

I was 11. I feel like I’m having a butterfly in my stomach. Cold sweats rushing down from my fore head. I’m not hot. I’m cold. No, I’m not cold. I’m scared. But I want to do this. I’m shy? No, I am not shy. Are those people going to like what they’re about to see?
And there I was, in front of them. Maybe in about 100 men and women. And boys and girls sitting in front. Everyone was quite. I shiverly hold the mic and the next thing I know, the audience are clapping and saying ‘very good’.

I had just sung Oh Holy Night!


Anonymous said…
The Lord loves kids because they are so sincere in what they believe. Their faith is pure and they really put their trust in the Lord. As they grow up, they will see many and hear things that will effect their belief.