8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 8)

A Serious Event

The meeting with Lester, it’s a total shock for me. Suddenly I felt so embarrass that I need something to cover off my face. I was lost. I wasn’t the only one and yet I preached to everyone that I WAS. As annoying as it may seems. But honestly, I wasn’t bragging. I didn’t know. Or I don’t want to know. Or I refused to know...
And my other colleagues, what if they know that I wasn’t the only one? Or, have they come to know about this long time ago? This is crazy. I DIDN’T know. That’s the whole point. Surely I will befriend them if I only knew.

Oh wait. I did know. I did realize that they were there. Lester. Yes, I know him. I know he’s been working with Dr. Anderson. I’ve received and read the invitation for the choir practice. Yes, I knew their existence. Then, why did I ignore them? Why did I tell everyone that I was the only one?

- You popped so many questions in your mind as if you are capable of doing something about it.

Arthur, my so-called guardian angel suddenly appears again before me. I hadn’t notice his coming as I was so busy trying to make sense of everything. And Lester, he vanished after answering my last question? Did he come only to make remember that they were there too? A fact of the matter which tries to say that I have been putting too many words on myself that wasn’t true?

- Jim, remember, every person you meet come for a reason. A very big one which implies you and your life before.
- But why now Arthur? Are these people trying to make fun of me? Trying to make me feel bad about myself? There’s nothing I can do about this now. And I feel ashamed even to pray forgiveness for it.
- When did you last feel bad about yourself Jim? Tell me when...

I look at Arthur’s naval face. It’s bright shining skin tone. The clear crystal eyes. The smile of just and fairness. And he is still holding the book.
I couldn’t answer Arthur’s question. I turned around and tried to walk down my memory lane for bits of answer but I felt nothing. Numb. As if I was fenced in a small room with neither door nor window to look out to. As if there’s nothing inside my mind that I can think of. Not even a spark of idea.

I turned again, facing Arthur. I felt empty. I just wish that I could cry. But I couldn’t. I collapsed on my own feet and wrap my hands on my face. It felt heavy and unbearable. The postman, Mandy and now Lester. Who is next?

- Jim, when people die, they left everything they have. You couldn’t take anything with you. There are so many plans for you but you refused to take your call. You ignore your inner self and let alone your world spirit take control of your deepest need. But you have to meet another 5 people Jim. And in this book, you will find great attributes about yourself but be patience because there’s time for everything. Don’t ever open this book until you really feel the need to open it.

Arthur handed me the book and disappear in a blink of an eye.

And I was left again, to meet my fourth person. At that time, I was lying on my back thinking how pathetic my life was.

The Secret

- Father...

I don’t know how long had it been until I heard a voice. A very soft one. Small. Cute. A voice where you can sense smile and warmth. And compassion. And love.

- Father... This is me. Jimmy Adreal Junior.
- Oh what?!

By that time, I was already standing. I saw a little cute boy with a stripe shirt and a short khaki. He’s holding a piece of paper.

- What did you say your name again?
- Jimmy Adreal Junior.
- Oh, I get it. You’re me when I’m little...

I was smiling to myself. Oh, how cute I was. I was a petite boy when I was little. I was shorter than any of my friends. But I was known to them as the little rascal. A planner of disaster with the mind of a criminal. Oh, how funny it was; how disastrous my plan can be.


- Jim, this is too much. You cannot pun a dead chicken with no head hanging on somebody’s door!

Josie, a neighbour of mine said to me when I was about to hand a dead hen filled with blood all over its feathers in front of Mrs. Callet’s house.

- Oh shut up Josie. This is a joke. Mrs. Callet will find it very funny.

A minute after Jim had successfully hung the dead chicken infront of Mrs. Callet’s house, Jim throw little stones towards the door. We could hear the footsteps of Mrs. Callet coming to the door. When she opened the door, I could see her shocked facial expression before felling to the floor. And we thought that was funny but it was not.

She was 89 and she died that instant because of shock. Right there, in front of the door. Despite the fact that the people in our community thought that some bad-crazy people purposely hung the dead chicken in front of Mrs. Callet, we vowed to ourselves, both Josie and I, to never tell anyone the truth. Yes, of course we were scared and feel guilty. And dying was not part of the plan. But we kept silent about it up until now.

We never talk to each other after that. I don’t eat chicken anymore. The idea of being a criminal vanished when I enter secondary school. And for the past elementary years, every night was a nightmare for me.


- No, I’m not the young version of you.

The voice brought me back to my conscious. I was sweating suddenly and the guilt was all over me again. My heart beats faster than before and my legs seem weaker. The thought of being a murderer creeps me to my bone. I have forgotten that incident as if it never happened. And I fell again on the black smoky-cool storey.

(This is not the original Part 8 actually. I've made last minute changes to it.. Hmm... The original Part 8 will replace Part 9 or Part 10 or 11... oh, I don't know... The original Part 8 scares me!)