8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 9)

The Revelation

- Wake up father.

I don’t know how long I’ve been lying on the floor till that voice woke me up. I felt so weak still but I force myself to stand.

- I passed out?
- Yes.
- How long?
- A single second in heaven is a thousand years on earth.

I regained my strength after hearing that. It’s something I learn long time ago. From the Bible, yes. But hearing it out from a child’s mouth seems absurd. This boy is something.

- Who are you again? What’s your name?
- Jimmy Adreal Junior and I am not you.
- Then what’s with the name?
- That’s the name you gave to me. I’m your son...
- My what?!

How could it be? I’m not married... Oh, did I?

The Drawings

As long as I can remember, which I am so sure of, I wasn’t married to anyone. If you claim that it might be from one of my girlfriends, then I beg to differ. I practiced safe sex. Not in my entire life did I sleep with anyone without proper, erm, protection. Yes, that’s the word. Oh you know what I mean. And don’t you dare say it’s a sin. I know exactly what it is but prefer not to discuss it. At least, not here. It’s heaven, remember.

- I am your son.
- No, you’re not. I don’t have a son.
- Yes, you do. I am your son.
- Then who’s your mother?
- I don’t have any. I wish I know but I don’t.
- Ridiculous. How could you not have a mother?
- I am your son, if only you had married someone!

Oh, that’s a relief. If ONLY. Then, you’re not my son because it didn’t happen and will not happen. And who said anything about meeting people you haven’t met?

- Okay, logically speaking you’re not my son.
- I am your son. This drawing will prove it.

The boy handed me the drawing and I took it quickly. When I looked at the drawing, it was house. With some flowers infront of it. I also see stretch of clouds hiding the sun. A sun with a big smile. That’s funny, I thought.

- That was your drawing, father.
- Stop calling me that. And this is not my drawing.
- Yes, it’s yours.
- Not, it’s not.
- Yes. You drew that for a little girl you’ve met in the hospital years ago. She was an orphan.

Suddenly I remember something. Yes, that little girl in the park. Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The nurse said that she was suffering of heart cancer and has little hope. She is also an orphan.

- You drawn her this to give her hope. You said that she has to be strong and become a fighter. You said to her to never give up hope and believe that good deeds happens to good people. And you said that this is the house that she should build when she’s a grown up. You purposely drew as if you are a kindergarten. You thought that she could relate more to it if it’s a drawing of her same age. And she believed you. You put a smile on her face and more, you give her hope.

- Yes, I remember that.
- Then she started to ask you questions. Questions beyond your imaginary words. She asked you whether you have a house like that and what did you answer?
- I answered, yes.
- And then she asked you again, who is living in that house?
- I replied her only me.
- And what did you say when she ask you why?
- I said, for the time being, yes, there’s only me. But there will be more. I said that I will get married soon and have children.
- And she asked you what’s the name of you first child... Is it a boy or a girl?
- I answered her, I don’t know and I don’t mind. But perhaps a boy who will be just like me.
- And the name of the boy?
- Jimmy Adreal Junior!