8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 7)

Third Person Jim Meets

- Hello... Do you remember me?

A young guy appear before me. A very clean guy, I think he’s a college student or something like that. He’s wearing a grey t-shirt and a seasoned blue jeans. He’s holding a few books.

- Oh you won’t remember me...
- Please, help me recall.
- Well, we first met during Yale’s Open Day in PWTC. You were one of the students in charge of the exhibition.

Yes, Yale did hold an open day in Malaysia long ago. To mainly seek future students from this region. I was, fortunately, the ASIAN Student Council President and was directly involve in the exhibition.

- I was applying for Yale and you gave me the form. And after that I ask for your number, just in case if I am accepted, I might seek help from you.
- I’m sorry. I don’t really recall...
- You borrowed my pen to fill in your visa extension form that day...

Yeah, I remember that. I was so busy. I’ve totally forgotten that I need to renew my student’s visa pass. One of my friends was collecting the form but I have fill up mine yet. And too bad at that time, I don’t have any pen with me.

- I was there Jim. I let you borrow my pen although I was too, busy filling in my form.
- Yeah, I remember that. Thank you very much.
The guy infront of smile. Caressing his hair and stretch out his hand. Shaking me.
- Lester. Lester William.
Lester William? Now why does that name sound awkwardly familiar?
- I was the RA Dr. Anderson...
- No way...
- Yes!

Lester William. A first year student who manage to became the first ever Research Assistant of Dr. Anderson Roystone, a renowned lawyer and a lecturer in Yale Law School. Dr. Anderson had been working on a case which involves animal testing in beauty products which make it a very high profile case. And to be learning first hand from him will definitely be a privilege. Lester is one lucky guy.

- And you’re the third person I have to meet?
- Correct!
- And why is that so?

I noticed that there’s a change in my mode of speaking. Perhaps maybe, because I am infront of a rather successful lawyer, if I may assume.

- Jim, I come as a friend and meeting you isn’t my best interest. I just need to do this because everyone you met in your entire life had been an influence to you whether you noticed it or not. And I happened to be one...
- I figure that out long ago... Please, tell me your side of story of my life.
- I have nothing to say to you my friend. I just need to show myself to you till you yourself figure out why I’m here. Till then, we’ll be stuck here.
- Very well, tell me how you died...
- In case you hadn’t notice, I have leukaemia. I died 3 years after I graduated. I never really went for any legal practice. I stayed in Yale and tutored there, while doing my master. I don’t really like the idea of debating but I’m more into teaching.
- I see...
- And in case you hadn’t notice too, on several occasions, we were together. Student council meeting, Jerry’s birthday remember? The one that we have in the football field? That was awesome.
- Yeah it was...
- Christmas at the embassy 1981, you performed. You sang. I was there. I played the piano.
- Piano?
- Yale Malaysian Students Choir Group. We did invite you but we thought you’re just too busy. You never attended any of our choir practice
- Excuse me, you’re from Malaysia?
- From Sabah, to exact.


Who is Jim?

The only one from Sabah. Infact, the only one from Malaysia.

I was wrong. And I never knew...


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