Flood Again - In Our School

Yes, it happened again. The flood had been going on for years and every years it's like an annual event for us. Although we are ready for it every year, but till when? It's a sad thing for the school communities especially the students. These are some of the photos that I snapped and hope it says something to the authorities.

School Field

In front of the Teachers' Room

Below the classroom

The School's Open Hall

In front of the school compound


Dazeree Joan said…
Mcm lucu pla when you said 'it's an annual event'. I mean, ppl know it's going to happen every year. Then, y isnt anybody doing smt abt it?
Frankie said…
uina mcm Venice sudah ni...bah Ned, next year sediakan sampan sebelum hujan. Siok juga tu mengajar dlm sampan...pastu ko kasi post d internet, baru pihak yg sepatutnya notice.
Minsulod said…
wah sorry to know ur skul kena flood. harap2 lah ada pihak yg ambil action ttg hal ni.
Anonymous said…
Lagi??!! Last year mcm terputus tu jalan sm KM. Hopefully this year will not be as bad as last year.
Cath J said…
O my goshhhh... this is bad!!!
Elton said…
uik....siok jga 2...buli psg pukat sdh oh..