Kionsom Waterfall

Kionsom waterfall; one of the weekend gateway spot for those who are residing in the city of Kota Kinalalu and its surrounding area. I should say, this place is cool. Last weekend, my close friends and I went to check the place out after not being there for quite sometimes now. At first, it was raining when we make our way but upon reaching, surprisingly, it was only drizzling there. I think, we were blessed. In this entry, I want to share with all of you, what it's like to be there :)

Wasn't the beautiful?

A fun shower :)

This is how the waterfall looks like

The B&W version of the waterfall

One of my close friend

Entah apa dia buat tu :p

Another friend of mine

Those who were there :)

Photography wise, I'm still learning and needed to improve more everytime. Place wise, beautiful :)


Azhs said…
Blogger juga rupanya :-)
yup.. dah lama da... since 2003 :)