My Sunset Collection

I'm going to rest from writing the story of the death, if I may call it that, for a while. Hahaha. Thanks to all of you who had been reading and leaving comments. The next part will be uploaded from time to time and I do hope that you guys will take the time to glance at it. Writing has always been my passion since I know how to read and write so a very big thanks to all of you.

Latest, I was all coped with so many things and I seriously need a time of my own. I was browsing my photo collections just now and I found these series of sunset photos. I love photography and I know most of you guys are too. I 'backpacked' my camera every where I go, wishing that I will find a moment in which I can relate to myself. These are my sunset collection. by the way. It can also be viewed at Nedelicious Photo Journal.

From Simpang Mengayau (Tips of Borneo), Kudat, Sabah.

Another sunset view from the Tips of Borne0

I personally love this one. Also the view from the Tips of Borneo

This is the view from the green forest of Ulu Kukut. I was driving to KK when this moment holds infront of me and I just cannot helped myself but to stop and shoot it

Another view from Ulu Kukut

I'm still learning. Thanks to a bunch of cool friends, I learnt more every day.


Dazeree Joan said…
Nice shots there Ned!^.^
thx daz.. still have to learn a lot :)