Happiness in Hard Times?

"Sorry! Mechanical trouble. You won't be leaving for three hours!"
You get very angry. You tell yourself, "This is terrible! I miss the sales meeting. What a disaster."
While you remain stressed, things will get worse! People will trip over you, spill coffee in your lap and lose your baggage. When you fight life, life always wins - Andrew Matthews' Happiness in Hard Times.

This situation is one of the situation given in a new book I bought last weekend. While most of you knew that reading is one of my greatest passion, it raised my eyebrow on the subject of being positive and happy in hard times. Sometimes, I felt that self-improvement writers are hypocrite. How can you be happy when you just have the worst day in your life? How can you be happy when your dog just died? Or your mother or your love ones died? And looking on the above situation, that's not even the worst day you may have.

Then, I was lying down on my bed thinking again. What's the purpose of being happy and being positive?

"There's nothing I can do about it"

There you go. Perfect answer to a very annoying complication.

Sometimes, life is a great opportunities that mostly arrive in a disguising way; Problems, misfortunes, disaster. I am just trying to say that every disaster in our lives are not so much of a disaster, as a situation that is waiting for us when we change our perspective about it. Be unhappy when it happens and accept it. After all, there's nothing we can do about it except to take it as education and learn from it. Afterward, let it go and start all over again.

Jenny says, "I'm divorce. I have failed and my life is over."
Franky says, " I'm divorce. I have failed and ready to start all over again."

Get what I mean?


Beruang Madu said…
Ned... hmmmm... tak begitu setuju lah dgn pemikiran Ned... tapi susahnya nak explain... bad things berlaku sebab kita yang request kecuali kematian... and bad things berturut turut berlaku kerana kita yang menariknay kepada kita berturut turut.... our mind control our life... kalau selfimprovement punya orang masih nampak gagal dalam hidup dia bukan bermakna orang yang bukan selfimporvement akan gagal juga... level of happiness bergantung kepada kita... orang di Amerika belum tentu lebih bahagia dari orang yang tinggal di ceruk ceruk Sahara...
haha.. it's okay... kita semua ada cara fikir kita sendiri.. what im trying to say here is that, apabila benda buruk berlaku dengan kita, kita patut terima benda tu sebagai seorang manusia dengan berasa sedih, hampa etc... tapi selepas itu, kita belajar dan berusaha untuk 'hidup' kembali... :)