Borneo Bloggers Award 2010


I have never done this before but I really need my reader's help. I was nominated for the Borneo Bloggers Award for the category Personal Blog and I would really-really appreciate if you guys can vote for me. Here are the voting rules. Please take time to read okay.

Voting rules!

• Voting begins on 12 noon, 18th May 2010 and ends on 12 noon, 14th June 2010. During this 28-day period nominees are encourage to campaign for votes and support from fans, friends and family.

• To be able to vote, you must first register as a member (a ‘BCBuddy’) of Registration is free.

• There are 8 blog categories open for voting.

• The Personal category is randomly split in two because of its size. You may cast one vote for each half, but in the end the totals will be ranked altogether as a single category.

• You are allowed to cast one (1) vote per category daily. So in total, you may cast 8 votes per day, for 28 days.

• Attempts to manipulate public voting, by registering multiple accounts or otherwise exploiting the system, are not permitted. Attempts to do so may result in the voiding of votes cast and/or the disqualification of the offender from the contest.

• may amend these terms and conditions at its own discretion if deemed necessary throughout period of the contest.

To sum these all up ,click, be a member and search under Personal Blog Group 2. Click The Chosen One then click vote. Thank you very-very much. Your votes will be much appreciated.


HoneyBUZZin said…
Hi Ned - I think your blog deserves a vote from me. I like the way you forward your entry.
Good Luck!
hello honeybuzz,
thank you so much... :)
Boy said…
good luck ned! :)
thank u boy...
tulung2 urang susah ah :p
Boy said…
mana ada susah.. hehe
hehehe.. thank u boy.. hehehe
albertmacho said…
cam na mau undi nerdy?
ko tingu atas sebelah kanan.. ko click then ko ikut apa arahan yang kuar... hehehe...