Sabah Fest Arung Salamiah Part 1 - The Children

Thanks to Chistine aka Lumis for the tag as a photographer for the Sabah Fest 2010, I can enter for free. And not just for one night, but also the night after that. It's a great honour to capture the moments in photos as the 22nd Sabah Fest embrace the nights with colours and unique showcase of the Sabahan's Dances.

I am a true Sabahan. I know for the fact that I am from the first time I was born into this world. But I have to be honest with you. Some of the dances are new to me. I am always a fan of the festive season especially in Sabah and yet, I was taken aback knowing that, despite the experience as I used to dance before, some of the dances performed were quite rare and of course, inviting at the most point of it.

For this first part, I am happy to share with all of you the children of the breathtaking Sabah Fest 2010, Arung Salamiah.

The warrior dance of the Magunatip by young children

Dancing the Magunatip of the Murut Clan

Isn't he cute?

A 'shaky' I must say but I love this photo; a boy in a traditional Dusun attire

A girl in Bajau traditional costume

The traditional costume of the Muruts

A girl in Murut Traditional attire

A boy in a Malay costume

This is a Chinese girl wearing a traditional Dusun attire. When I snap this photo, her mother ask her to give the best smile she can give. I guess she's just too shy

I only know her by the name of Shafinaz

The talented singer, Presley Petrus from Papar

With all these photos, I am quite sure, to attend Sabah Fest again next year and the year after that.


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yaa datang lg next year ok hehe