Sabah Fest Arung Salamiah Part 2 - Arung Salamiah

The month-long Sabah Fest kicked off here tonight with a splendid performance of a musical entitled “The Legend of Arung Salamiah”.

The love story, which made its debut at this year’s Sabah Fest, mesmerised the audience as they watched the various cultural dances and traditions of the people of Sabah, a living example of the 1Malaysia concept.

The legend tells the story of Arung Salamiah, a beautiful woman from an aristocratic family who only had her eyes on Tanjung Kalang despite being surrounded by admirers.

Her family did not approve of her love for Tanjung Kalang who was from a different social class, and planned to marry her off to someone of the same status.

In what is seen as a show of frustration, Tanjung Kalang embarked on a journey across Sabah to search for his true love.

The performance also featured the culture and dances Tanjung Kalang experienced in his journey, including the Penansang dance which originates from Semporna and Sazau Bobohizan staged by the Kadazan Papar community.

Tanjung Kalang’s journey started at the scenic Pulau Boheydulang near Semporna, then across Semporna, Tawau, Sandakan, Kina­batangan, Papar, Bongawan, Tenom, Ken­ingau and Serudong in Kalabakan before ending in Semporna.



Qhris said…
thumbs up bebeh! i loike! hehe
nc said…
wow..nice pics.. i wish i could go watch that time..
thank you bebeh qhris.. hehehe... semua disebabkan ko.. thanks a million...
nc, thank you... nda apa... tahun depan ada lagi.. hehehe