Stop Genaralizing, Please...

I'm sorry people, I beg to differ. I know it's a sensitive issue and I wish not to prolong this more that what I'm going to say now. Here and there, we are hearing the cruelty and the terrorism of Israel or should I say Zionist Regime. Which one is it?

Another 6 Malaysian were sent home. I know you guys knew the story so I will not comment on that. I'm just very grateful that they were home safe and sound.

But, we are bombarded with the thought that Israel is a bad country (or a bad community)

My dearest Malaysians counterparts, it is not the country that makes the people bad. And just because the Zionist are Israelis, doesn't make the whole Israel bad.

Because when other people from other country talks bad things about Malaysia, surely, it doesn't represent or reflect the whole nation, does it?

I love peace. Let's not use the term Israel, rather, let's be specific about it.


HoneyBUZZin said…
yea..I heard that on the news..
Those *whatsoever* you named it are really too much..
It was so undiplomatic...i would called them barbarians.
yup... i don't think it's fair for us to generalize..

peace. no war.
JIPP said…
I am one of those who are strongly against labelling Israel an evil country. Our media doesn't make it any good by being biased against them. I think they've trying to use the sentiment against Israel as a tool of uniting Malaysians.Unfortunately, not all Malaysians fall for it and I'm just one of them. In fact I've got a lot of respect for Israel which seems to be able to do a lot things so big for such a small country.