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Error in my Blog II

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I finally found out what's wrong with my blog. As you guys have recognized, my post appeared in boxes. In my current setting, I've set 30 boxes to appear as the index or home of my blog. But as you guys have also realized, it doesn't appear in that way anymore. So I've been trying to find out what actually happened to my blog and boom, I've finally have the answer.

Okay, so my blog appeared in boxes, that you know. But, as a single post, the longer it gets, the more space that it will need thus, in a way, 'stealing' space from the index or home. And previously, I have been uploading more photos and therefore, 'invades' my current setting. This bothers me a lot actually but there's nothing I can do about it except if I change the template again, in which, I don't want to do because I like this template, huhu.

Hence, as I try to figure out things, if you guys are interested in checking out my previous post, please click 'older posts'. There's actually many 'hidden' posts that you guys might missed because of the 'error in my blog thingy'.

So yeah, I think that's about it for today. Have a nice day now, okay :)

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