The chosen One
Because I BELIEVE, ONE Man Can Change The World.

Difference Between a Man and a Women. Again :p

Leaving you guys with these strips of comics

What say you? Hahaha

9 Comment(s):

Does it mean I'm a dood? *rofl

i believe it's all upon ourselves.. hahaha... and these photos meant for fun only.. :p

hahhhaaaaaa ned... baru sia tau tu... n i know why only now i know.. koz me tido lagi tyme suma tu happen.. hehe

haha...applicable jg ba tp not to all ba jg..hehe...nice one!

hahaha..okay okay.. u win :)

commont guys.. this is just for fun.. hahaha.. i mean, not all women are like this kan.. lelaki nowadays pun apa kurangnya.. hahahaha

hahahahaha...some gals like tat..n some guys the other way round..who knows kan..heee

Haha, good one! Actually I like to wake up early.

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