Hennessy Artistry - The Art of Mixing @ White Room, KK Times Square 31st July 2010

What a night to end the blissful July and to welcome the celebrated month of The Independence Day! Hennessy Artistry - The Art of Mixing has done it again. Being held in East Malaysia for the first time, it was indeed a night to remember.

I have the privilege to cover the event as a blogger and I was at White Room, one of the most visited club in town, as early as 8 p.m. After registering, I had the chance to meet Jason Kong, one of the people who is charge of the event and later passed to Sukie Ng. who then walked me around while giving a short briefing on what certain parts of the events.

It's free flow from 9 till 11 and at no time, the place was insanely packed. Great music was aired and without much effort, people were already on their feet. One thing I like about this event is that everything is well organized, at least I think it that way. I know it’s pretty hectic to organize such event and to make a flawless presentation is not easy but I think Hennessy Artistry had done a superb job in organizing such event. Job well done people of Hennessy.

Among others, as what I had blogged weeks ago, Joe Flizzow and Sona One were there, entertaining the clubbers with a number of beats. Dj Siera Lee and DVJ G Mix were also present, playing incredibly famous hits which got the people going.

It is certainly a night to remember. As a Sabahan, I would like to thank Hennessy Artistry for organizing the event in KK for the first time ever in East Malaysia. It’s a point-turning mind that, despite being classed as ‘those who still build house on trees’ , Hennessy Artistry saw and party with us. No guys, we don’t live on trees and Hennessy Artistry sees this.

So, I leave you guys with a few snaps all through the night. Cheers!

For more photos, click My Facebook.

Thanks Hennessy Artistry for making me apart of this event.


Rungitom said…
Being privileged to go for this event and cover stories is awesome!

Way to go~
thanks rungitom..
next time will ask you to join too... ok?
SuicideCandy said…
LOL... it was 1 awesome night. =) great post, love the pictures.
Thank you so much SuicideCandy..
Were you there that? Did you see me?
Please check the rest of the photos @ my facebook. The link is in the post...
Rungitom said…
@Ned: looking forward for it.:)
Rungitom, there are still many events to come.. Hehehe...
smallkucing said…
Cool! you were invited for his cool event. Jealousnya.

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Must be coming from Angel Bear blog ya :D
@smallkuching, yup.. was invited la.. it's by invitation only ba tu tapi as a blogger, you can actually get free passes provided you make a pre and post cover of the event.. yup, browsing around blogs just now and saw ur smallkucing name.. i find that very cute :)
ken said…
nice shots =)
@Ken, thank you Ken :)
Please take your time to browse more photos in my facebook.. Just click my facebook in this post.. Thanks again :)
kahmun. said…
could you give me the links to the other photographer's blogs or facebooks that were there on the same night?