It's A Bitter Pill But I Swallow It Anyway :(

I'm just sad. Devastated. Angry. And speechless. I love writing. I'm the kind of person who needs to write. When a friend requested for a report on the RWMF held recently in Sarawak, I was excited and worked hard for it. In less than 24 hours, I came out with a report, originally by me.

But when it finally came out, it was not publish under my name. Instead, it was published under the name of the friend who asked me write it in the first place. Hold on guys, don't make any judgement just yet. He called me when he received his copy of the magazine and was shocked to see that it was published under his name. It wasn't his fault and that he was truly sorry about it. He made a public statement in Facebook explaining that the report wasn't written by him and I am truly grateful for it. He's a friend of mine and I don't want to make to much fuzz out of it. I don't blame him.

But to o be honest, I am quite sad and upset. I wanted THE article that I WROTE published under my name. Seeing that it was not, I can't help but to break down with regrets. Although I thought of making complaint to the editor of the magazine, I'm sure they won't republish the article under my name. Just just sad...

But it's okay. It's not like the end of the world. If you guys want to read the article, please get yourself a copy the August's Publication of Breeze Magazine and check out the article 'Partying In The Midst Of The Green'. And please do this for me; this is my first official publish work and I had worked hard for it - please, just help yourself to remember that it's 'by Jennedy Pungawon' A glimpse of appreciation, that's all.

It's a bitter pill but I swallow it anyway :(


Bossing said…
1st of all, i really happy having a friend like you who keen into writing. I wish that i can write like you one day.. ow.. i'm just too late for this.. i'm become older, and older.. i should move now.. so i need you to teach me how to write.. hehehe

Back to the topic,
i'm 100% agree with you ned. they shouldn't simply put the writer's name without refering or knowing who is the real writer. i really believe that the magazine have their profesional editor, and before publishing anything, she/he should do the "double Check".. it easy right.

things happened. so what the breeze should do is to publish short note in their next publication. tell public that it was by you. if not, you have the rights to claim the copyright!

oh dear, sorry,my english is very poor ..whatever, yg penting urang faham hahaha..

thanks ah ko faham juga apa sa rasa.. sedih jugalah tapi apa buli buat..
i've email a complain to the magazine and i hope they will do something about it.

I won't take any legal action except if i have to tapi i just want all to know yang although my article was published under somebody's name, it's not the person's fault... as far as i know, it was an editorial error... tapi betul juga ko cakap pasal double check and everything tu..

and bosing, i think your english is good but can be improved to the better... esteady ko cip.. hehe..
thanks again ah..
gidong said…
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gidong said…
Kredit utk penulis patut TEPAT seperti yg kamu maksudkan .. walaupun bkn salah kawan kamu yg minta tulung kamu tulis tp tak kan lah penerbit/editor langsung tdk tanya siapa penulis artikel tu b4 kana publish ... kalau dorang buat mcm tu, mcm cincai ja karaja dorang ... main hentam kromo ... sori to say dorang patut republish artikel tu atas nama penulis sebenar ataupun dorang buat 'ralat' minta maaf secara umum melalui keluaran akan datang .... mereka patut hargai org yg secara FREE bagi kontribution utk majalan mereka ..
Anonymous said…
salu nya magazine belum pernah republish article tapi dorang akan buat pengumuman tentang ralat itu. cth di Readers' Digest penah sia tgk dorg kasi pengumuman tentang ralat tu...
Dear friends,
I appreciate the concern you guys have had but ok suda sekarang ni.. i've discussed the matter with the editor dan keputusan yg kami ambil sangat menyenangkan saya..