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Matematik Yang Dibingungkan (Confused Mathematics)

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Sila menjawab ini.

Bingung? Hahaha... Baca betul-betul...
(translated version is below)

3 friends rented a room in a hotel and it cost them RM30. So each of the 3 friends paid RM10 to make it RM30 without knowing that it only cost them RM25 as the room is under promotional rate. So the receptionist, don't know how to give the money fairly, gave RM3 back whereas each of th 3 receive RM1 and another RM2 is for her tips.

S0, 9 x 3 = 27
27 + 2 = 29
But they gave Rm30 in the first place.
So where's the RM1?
7 Comment(s):

rm27 yang last sudah tu kan actually meliputi tips sudah.. ( rm25 *sewa + rm2 *tips)

so last calculation yang ada plus tips rm2 tu nda payah lagi. itu yang bikin bingung.hehe.

hmm.. sa tidak faham ko cakap apa joan.. hahaha...

Each person di NOT pay RM9....sebab belum kira RM2 untuk tips...
Meh sini aku cubit ko!

hahaha.. lari dulu dari honey buzzin.. wakakakaka...

hahahhahah... mesti kau yg ambil tu... ;-p ;-p

nice 1..

glad u like it cath... bikin siok2 saja ba ni.. hehehe... tapi macam best kan? hehehe

Sewa Hotel=RM30.00, Disc=RM5.00, Wang yg dipulangkan=RM1.00, Wang yg tidak dipulangkan=RM2.00

Kalau 3 org = RM27.99

Tambah balik duit disc yg tidak dipulangkan RM2.00 = RM29.99
Kasih bundar RM30.00
Nah.. mana ada hilang RM1.00 pun.. hehe

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