Save Atkinson Tower Now!

One of the most durable landmarks in Kota Kinabalu and notably on a bluff along Signal Hill Road neighbouring to the old Police Station, stands The Atkinson Tower. This all-wood, no-nails structure was built commencing 1902 (some says it 1903) but was fully uprighted in 1905, by Mary Edith Atkinson in memory of her son, Francis George Atkinson the popular first District Officer of Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu) during the British North Borneo Chartered Company Administration, who had succumbed to Malaria at the young age of 28.

Apart from that, it was formerly used as a navigation aid for ships until it was overshadowed by taller buildings as in today. These days, this memorial has the peculiarity of being the oldest standing construction in the whole of Sabah that survived the air invasions and bombardment of World War II. Till today, it still dole out to keep the city's time.

But dated 22nd September 2010 wrote, “The 105-year old Atkinson Tower will be reduced to an 18ft midget if a proposed 16-storey shopping mall-hotel project goes ahead at the foot of Signal Hill” (Source)

I say what?! Come on people, we are talking the oldest structure in KK and now they want to reduce its height? Where’s the proud in that? Let’s fight for Atkinson Tower people. We can express our disapproval in whatever means but unless we take serious action, and I mean ACTION, we are just going to watch them alter Atkinson.

Just don’t stand there, do something. Distributing brochures, blogging, picketing, updating Facebook status, signatures to our CM, to the Mayor, to our MP; anything legal. Let our voices be heard! Save Atkinson Tower!

anak: daddy/mummy, apa ba itu tu yang macam jam tu?

bapa/mama: itula atikinson tower nak...

anak: owh..kenapa kana buat di sana?

bapa/mama: itu peringatan Pegawai Daerah KK yang pertama ba tu si Francis George Atkinson sama berfungsi juga sebagai rumah api dulu2...

anak:rumah api? kenapa pindik tu? kapal2 nampak ka tu dulu?

nah, jawab kamurang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


XiGorX said…
after the world war II.. there were only 2 buildings left standing in Api2 (KK), the Atkinson tower and the post office building, currently housing the Sabah Tourism Board office.. this is our legacy, tidak payah kasi rubuh atau kasi pindik.. mulau ow dorang ni..
exactly.. sa sakit hati betul ni.. napa mo kasi pindik2? perluka tu buat hotel/shopping complex di SANA?.. and i know for the fact that signal hills is 'scaffolding' the progress of kk city tapi the so called KK Rimba Tropika should be like that.. sakit hati sa.. huhu..
Kay said…
ya sya pun x sokong plan mo kasi roboh apalagi mo masi pindik. betul2 x ada hormat pada nilai sejarah o dorng tu..
Rungitom said…
Tiada untung juga bikin banyak2 bangunan mcm tu. Tengok Suria Sabah, dekat satu tahun masih lagi kesunyian. Say no to that silly shopping mall!
Christ Wen'z said…
haiiyyaa.. takan drang mau kasi hapus semua kesan sejarah d sabah.. x munasabah langsung.. 101% agree with Nerdy dialogue. my question is, knp harus d sana? xda tempat lain ka selain situ?
dreamChaser said…
yep. save the tower. ckup2 la shopping mall di kk ni kn. sot..sot..mau lagi buat mall teda2