There Goes 'Save Atkinson'

Yes, the tower had been left out for so long time now and abandoned of the concern of the public. And yes, not until recently this had awaken the people on this particular site when announced that a massive project will be carried out in which will, in every where, 'damaged' the tower. But it's a lesson worth learning and maybe after this, people will start appreciating heritages in this land. But is it too late?

Nevertheless, a 16-storey structures? By truest fact, we don't need more shopping complexes. A hotel, maybe yes, but is that really necessary to build it there? Moving and developing? Try upgrading the public transportation or educating people not to spit around? Or the PTIs? Traffic towards Papar every morning and sundown? The food price? OMG!

The singular statement of Kota Kinabalu being a Taman Peranginan Semulajadi (a Nature Resort City) contradicted with this exact development. How can nature resort be defined when there's not 'enough' green to be looked at? How about the long term effects of erecting gigantic structure in the higher ground? The habitat of the birds, animals, insects, ghosts perhaps?

Yes, we are just sitting and saying this. Or is it? If the Atkinson Tower were to be 'demolished' or by height reduced, then clap our hands people. At least, it's an education for us. Maybe then we can better cherish Karamunsing Complex - the oldest shopping mall in KK, or CP - the mature shopping complex or Wisma Merdeka, or the quarter full of Suria KK. 1B?

Then what's the use of us, of me, to even bother 'debating' when I myself could only see and jot? I can't do anything. But wait, I've proposed picketing, nobody listens. I proposed photoshoot, nobody cares. But every time I logged on, I see new faces with new comments, some confusing statements, skeptics, sarcastic debate of facts with nothing but just mere words!

What are we trying to prove?

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