Got To Find The Way

Life hadn't been easy for me these past few months. With my new working environment, new colleagues and new hour of working (unlike), I suddenly find myself in the midst of regrets and desperation. You see, I used to love going to work and no matter how hard and how up-the-sleeve I was, I'm still happy with what I was doing but it turns 360 degrees now. Work is not a fun thing anymore. Now, I don't like to talk about it. I don't like to tell people about it. I don't even like to wake up in the morning thinking about working.

It's almost 6 months now and I still can't get the hang of it but I know I have to stop. I know that I have to find a way to make my life works again. I don't have to enjoy what I'm doing. I don't have to like what I have to face everyday because that's life. It's not only about orange and apple and mango and strawberry. It could also be a sour pineapple (for the record, I like pineapple). I have to find that small path to and journey to it in search of that spark of light to make it better again. I have to. And if I don't, I promise to work even harder in fulfilling my job and whatever I am doing now. I will not fail.

And Christmas is at the corner. I still don't know what I want for Christmas (like someone is going to give it me) but I hope eventually I find it. I have my family and my relatives and my friends and some money to spend; God is kind to me.

And if you are searching for me, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere ... sigh ...