ROJAK - Amir Muhammad

I was browsing 1Borneo with my girl friend the other day and went out with a pinkish book in my holding. She bought a comic book while I ended up with ROJAK by Amir Muhammad.

I will not describe the book in details but I will sum my thoughts of the book.
Superb. Hillarious. Educating. Handsome.

Go and buy this book you bookworms!

And those who doesn't really like to read, maybe you might want to start by reading page 8 of ROJAK. 'Mosque Slippers' which geniusly putted as the first of 60 short stories in the book is really a good appetizer. Some usage of vocabulary might 'amazed' you in a way, sentence structures varied from easy to advance, with Malaysian English which bombarded my thinking with simple little illustrations here and there, overseeing the assistance of understanding.

Frankly speaking, I don't understand and I can't really relate to all stories, most probably because it's written by context, but it's okay. I have had a fantastic time reading ROJAK. And I don't mind starting a 2nd cycle. Amir Muhammad, I like you.