You Will Always Be My Baby!

Although I haven't really reflect my 2010 in words and writing, I just really want to express this one in particular.

Baby, I love you so much. You had been my bestfriend for almost 6 years now and you'll always be. You taught me responsibility and care and you have brought me to many places; places I've never been to. We went through many good and bad times together. You have given me the chance to be a man and you had helped me to be a better as a person. I had grown with you by my side, giving me support, love, shelter to lay on, shoulder do cry on, comfort and many MANY more. Best of all these, is just that you were simply there, hearing and crying, singing and laughing together, witnessing to almost all things in my life; and I know you are going to stay that way forever. Please know that I owe you so much and that my love for you is genuinely true.

For the very reason that you had been a loyal friend and partner, (you are my wife, no kidding!) and I know you are trustworthy, I've decided to let you go, shit, this hurts :(

You have shown my path well but it's time for you to show my sister her path. Take good care of her like the care you've given me. Help her to achieve her many dreams. I know you Baby. I know you too well and failure is not an option for you.

I am going to miss you so bad. Infact, I am missing you now. Go now Baby, do what you have to do. If you need me, come back. You are most welcome, any time.

...sob... sob... sob...


Christopher Adrian said…
wow... this very touching story.. I have nothing to say.. I Just can be sad when I read this story.. so meaningful for me.. Now I know.. :)
Christopher Adrian said…
I miss u baby also..