The Gift

Yesterday, after I got home from work, my niece approached and said to me:
- Uncle, look at this. A gift from Owen to Dedeh.
- Who's Owen?
- Anty Wendy's son.

I see an orange bag in a paper bag.

- Why did he give Dedeh a gift?
- They are couple now.

Not a new thing to me but a bit disturbing when you come to think about it. First, Dedeh is another niece of mine which is just 11 years old and Owen is too. Second, where did he get the bag from? Or the money to buy it? I'm a bit nowhere. I know the fact that they started early these years, yes.I remember my crush when I was 7. My English Teacher.

Then I glanced at the bag. More like a hand bag.
Maybe Owen stole it from his mother? Or stole it from any where. Who knows? Or maybe, he bought it with his own money. Again, who knows?

I saw my sister-in-law passed me by and said nothing about it. Then I continued watching TV.

In the kitchen, my mom said funnily, "they are just kids".

© Copyright Anak Jagung