The Lady

So yesterday, while I was busy doing my office work, a lady came to our office. Round cute face with thin make-up and a very sassy smell, it lingers the whole room. Dimple smile, quite a view, I should say. Some glance a little then continue doing their job, while some, their glancing turned into staring. Me? I was busy doing my office work, remember? Or was it?

Actually, I saw this lady earlier when I went back from lunch. She was talking to one of the staff. It turns out that she is an Insurance Agent. Too bad I already have an Insurance Plan of my own, if not, maybe I could talk to this lady or something.

She approached one of my colleague which is at the front line of the office, damn you I said quietly, and he offered a sit to her. And they you have it. The most ridiculous show ever. The flirting is one thing and the 'I'm the man' is one thing.

But wait. She kept on looking and smiling at me. What happened? I asked myself. Trying hard to focus, I can't help myself so have a sneak look at her every now and then. Then it happened. My colleague realized that I was looking at them and he asked the girl:

- Do you know anybody here?
- Yes, I do. I know that guy over there. Pointing at me.
- And who is he? I was anxious.
- He's my brother.

Gosh, no wonder she looks so familiar!

© Copyright Anak Jagung

This is not true by the way, hahaha


jjchrystie13ogo said…
wAKAKAKAAK Adik ko sendiri pun ko x kanal Ned aduii hahahh~~
Georgie Joseph said…
astaga ned, ko tingtong busy gilak ka smpi nda kanal sis ko?wakaka.nice one!
Christopher Adrian said…
hahah.. kesibukan melanda smpai x kenal adik sendiri.. Oh Our God ned.. nti kami pun ko nda kenal tu.. hua3..
kamu lupa baca yg paling bawah kan.. hahaha....
tapi actually, ni jadi betul2 tapi sa ubah sikit supaya sa rasa lagi siok.. hahahaha..
thanks ah.. ada juga urang baca2 gila2 sa ni.. hehehe
Wes Ramsey said…
bikin saspen ja owh...