The Password

She said that I would know her laptop's password. How should I know?
- Why can't you just guess?
- Why can't you just tell me?
- There's no fun in that.
- Look, I admire your sense of humour. But no fun here. I have to do some typing and emailing asap!

If it's not for my clumsiness, I wouldn't have forgotten my laptop inside my car, which my brother had just borrowed a few hours ago. When I called him, he said that he's in Tamparuli, that's about 80 minutes from where I am standing now.

And I am actually at a friend's house to help her do some preparation for her parents' 30th anniversary, God bless them, but I really need to use her laptop right away. I'm the earliest amongst the friends that she had invited to help her, she's the only child in the family, and I'm stuck with her two adorable parents.

- Please, I need to use your laptop right now.
- It's in my room.
- It's in my hand.
- You didn't?!
- Sorry but this is very urgent.
No, actually, I asked her mom to get it for me.

She was here when I arrived but she has to do a last minute shopping and left me with the BBQ set to set up.

... love... sabah... maybe SABAH... 12121984, her birthday.. password incorrect...
... beyonce ... kotakinabalu ... rodsteward... bradpitt... taurus... password incorrect...
sh*t... what's the password?!

- Have you email the itinerary? The tourists will arrive in a short while.
- My connection's sucks. Will call you once I've email it.

Okay, I lied. But who wouldn't. I am suppose to be in the office but my boss had been good enough to let me take half of the day off.

- Now!

... LOTR, because she loves the trilogy very much... password incorrect
... kotamarudu or perhaps KotaMarudu... staryskies... cheesecake... crazygirl... bluefilm... Fu*K
still incorrect!!

- I beg you please.
- On the way home but there's an accident ....
- please...
- okay... okay... 3 letter word... battery's out.

I could hear her shout.

3 letter word.

... sky... lot... opt... lyn... shy... tv3... damn, what is it?!
lov, lok, lik, apt, opt, kis, sex haha.. grinning... hug.... xoxo oppss... xox... oxo...

I try not to panic.

pls pul die don boy pap pls, owh tried that one... password incorrect. As if the laptop is trying to say "hey stupid stop pressing me!"

sum gol puk pin sin tv2 tv3 ntv nig sun sim ned....


She's standing in front of me. Blushing.

© Copyright Anak Jagung


hahaha.. u can't stop idea from coming.. when it comes, make the most of it... hahahaha...

i feel wierd reading back my post.. lol
Christopher Adrian said…
hahaha.. the last one I like... feel u r very important right... :P
Wes Ramsey said…
hahaha u are so funny!