My Friend and I

- I just needed some fresh air. It's too 'happy' in my house now. My two elder brothers and their families are staying with us for a few days this weekend.
- That's great. You can play with the kids. I know you love them so much.
- Not until they disturb you while you were sleeping. And there;s always shouting here and there in my house now. Not to mention the cries, the jumping here and there. I can't stand the noise. The babies were crying sometimes until midnight and woke up pretty early.
- Ya, me too. I mean, not that I don't like it but it's just too much sometimes.
- Don't get me wrong. I love my family. Love my brothers. Their families...


- I stopped the car at the road side when my sumandak started complaining this and complaining that one day... Just too much talking.
- No...
- Yes, I did.
- Why?
- Same reason as yours. Can't stand it.

I grinned. He smiles. Blowing the smoke from his mouth. Nodding too.

- Did she know?
- Knows what?
- Why you stop suddenly?
- Of course.
- And she's not mad at you?
- For what?
- For stopping.
- I was taking a pee lah..

I burst out laughing.

- What?
- Come on already!

© Copyright Anak Jagung