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A Day's Thought

I wish they would stop. Just stop. Just stop thinking that this is easy on me. Because I won't be gone for a long time. Because it's fully paid. Because it's a scholarship.

The truth of the matter is, this is not easy.
Personal loan, car loan, housing loan. Not to mention the new environment. And, they don't even know what full salary means? I just need someone to sit with me and try to understand what I am on now. Leaving what I am used to here. My mom, my family, friends and love ones. I am still thinking whether or not I am going to bring Nedelicious along but, I guess a day's thought is a day's thought.

I just wish people would try to be more understanding. That's all.

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christopher adrian winces

go ahead ned.. capai lah impian mu.. jgn biarkan sesiapa musnahkan impian mu.. It's ur hand.. God Bless U..

care to share? kalau good news..share la... :)

Just listen to your heart and let the peace of mind making a decision..good luck

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