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Met my ex-student just now at a Computer Shop.

Student: Sa malu owh cikgu

Saya: Kenapa?

Student: Kakak sa duktur, abang sa lecturer ajar pasal hutan. Adik sa sana MRSM sekarang. Sa sini2 ja.

Saya: (diam sekejap berpikir sambil tingu-tingu sekeliling) .. Kadai ko ka ni?

Student: Iya cikgu. Ini saja yang sa pandai buat.

Saya: Kakak ko pernah minta nasihat pasal pc?

Student: Ada. Dia selalu kol tu tanya apa2 pasal computer.

Saya: Abang ko?

Student: Dia tu pandai tapi kalau mo kasi cantik2 presentation powerpoint dia selalu sa yang dia suruh tu.

Saya: Adik ko?

Student: Dia tu datang sini mo online sama main game saja.

Saya: Nah, ko sangat penting untuk derang kan.. Kalau teda orang macam ko ni, sepa mo kasi baik computer laptop semua? Nah, ni external sa ntah apa problem ni. Tulung dulu check ah...

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The simplest thing in life are taken for granted or overlooked most of the time. The only time they're appreciated is when they're needed, and almost all the time, by those that took them for granted and overlooked their mediocrity and simplicity.

qu ingin hidup dengan ke2 orang tua yg ku syank dan ku cinta......

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