Sitting On That Chair

I have always known that I want to be a teacher. When I was finally posted as a teacher in SMK Langkon, Kota Marudu, I thank God, thank my family, thank my mother, thanked everyone who has been there through my journey as a student until I have achieve my sole ambition. But when I was 'promoted' to being the English Language Officer of the District, that's when I think my career path takes another shift. It took my two weeks to actually think whether or not I accept the post. Well, eventually I did. Here I am now, acting and trying so hard to be one.

I am writing today for a specific group of people and of course to all of you, my readers, if any. This group of people are my friends. They are my respected teachers. Not just ordinary teachers but teachers of English Language. In Sabah, talking about my district, English Language has always been a killer subject but that doesn't mean that we, the English Teachers, are not working hard. We were and are working very hard. Always been and always will be.

Dear Friends,
I understand your predicament. I know you guys had been working hard. To add to all that hustle and bustle, I came in to the picture, adding huge amount of works and assignments, with a due date! I understand that crystal clear. Sitting on this chair now, I received soft and harsh complaints. Believe me, I looked deep into your complaints, not once I ignored any. It's a process of learning and of course, it is a room for improvement. Yes, sometimes, I wish that you are in my shoes and sitting on the very chair I am sitting now, you will understand my side of the predicament that you think belongs to only you. So I am truly, deeply, sincerely apologize for all the wrong doings, all the unkind words that I might have uttered stupidly, all the bad gestures too. On top of all, I am sorry that you have to do a lot of works. But just like you, I was only following orders, do what we're told to do. There's nothing much I can do but to accomplish the responsibility given. But we are teachers. No. Sorry. We are English Teachers and multitasking is what we do best! We are THAT good!

I am sure you have heard that I am leaving the office soon. Yes, what you have heard is indeed true and that 'soon' is actually this weekend. Today is my last day and I'll be going for 2 years. Please don't ask who is going to replace me, although I might know who. Please continue all the good work that you are currently doing now. Whoever is going to replace me, please give your co-operation just like you had given me. It has been fun and educating working with all of you and I hope we can work again in the coming future. I wish all of you the best of luck and God Bless.

Good bye now :(

© Copyright Anak Jagung


Roslyn said…
Going off on another adventure, are we? Bon voyage, Captain J :D
Yes, ma'am.
A whole new world is waiting and it's mine for the taking!
Aj said…
Bon Voyage Ned... and take care on your joruney
Alv0808 said…
Congrats and be blessed with you journey..