The Time I Learn How to Whistle

Back when I was a kid, I don't really have neighbours to play with. My elder brothers and sister were too grown up for me to play with so I usually play on my on. We do have neighbours actually but the nearest to go to took about 10 minutes.

Maybe I was tired of playing my soldier men and my lorry truck alone so I went to my neighbour's house to play with their kids. I brought all my toys with me and put it in my bag. When I reached my neighbour's house, I saw a few kids playing around the house. Smiling and laughing to each other. They stopped when the saw me. Kind enough, they asked me to join their game of police and thief.

A moment later, I think it was my friend's sister that interrupted us. She said, in her music class, she learn how to whistle and can whistle any song she wanted to. We were amazed as little children and try to whistle as well. None of us could and she try teaching us my showing us the placement of tongue and shaping of the lips, but still, no one can make a sound. She left us after a few minutes and we started playing the toys that I have.

It was late in the afternoon when I decided to go back. I was walking alone and suddenly remember the whistle lesson we have earlier so I begin to shape my lips and place my tongue correctly while walking home but I still couldn't produce any sound. I kept on trying. I can imagine how it feels like producing a tune with your lips and mouth. I could walk around with music of my own and I will not feel that lonely. I wanted to be able to whistle so bad.

I can see my house from a distance so I started to walk slower in pace. I started to forget that I was heading home but I was still walking. Remember how beautiful it was listening to my friend's sister whistle makes me wanted to try even harder. All the beautiful sounds you can make with your lips. It must be so nice. Then snap. I was actually day dreaming while walking.

But wait. I'm whistling. I am actually whistling. I can hear something from my mouth. I'm so happy that I smile to myself. A little excitement fills my whole body and I beginning to run. Then I stopped, shaping my lips and placing my tongue again, and blow. Nothing came out. Try again. Nothing.

I thought I could whistle. Which I did. I swear.
But I was disturbed by my own excitement.
I was not focused enough.
I lost it. Not until a few days later that I can really make up sound with my lips. But after trying and practicing really hard. My whistle are loud and clear now and I can make sound of any song.

This story might seems simple but the lessons and the values I have learned grew up with me and I remember every inch of it; how I learn to whistle...

p/s: no, i'm not talking whistling like Mariah Carey okay..

© Copyright Anak Jagung


onir said…
I still can't whistle
Kay Masingan said…
time budak2 memang terikut-ikut sama abang bersiul. Belajar pun dari dia. Tapi Mama marah sebab macam lelaki dia bilang. sama kalau bersiul, boleh menyebabkan ular datang?
saya bersiul time baca post ko ni D, saja to make sure sama ada saya masih boleh bersiul atau inda. Masih boleh bersiul...heheh
@onir, try harder.. you can!
@Kay, nasib masih bulikan siul2.. sa tiba2 tertulis ni post ba ni sebab ada kawan sa tanya napa sa siul2 agak kuat volume sedang siulan dia nda kuat.. tiba2 sa teringatla masa budak2 bila sa pertama kali pandai siul...