tips on how to buy pirated dvds

Okay, weird heading right? Haha
Bought myself a couple of dvds yesterday and when I asked the guys selling it whether or not it is clear as in the original dvds, they said yes.
Got home and watched the dvds then boom!

It was indeed clear. Indeed.

But hold on, I can't seem to be hearing clearly. I adjusted my speakers' volume. Same. Not enunciative enough. Okay fine. So I adjusted my speakers' level afterward, still the same. That's what you get when you bought pirated dvds, I said to myself. It's okay, I said again, I can always turn on the subtitle.

And I thought my Grammar sucks! I can do better than the translator. I can construct better sentence structures, used more suitable vocabularies and I am better at spelling them. Goodness mercy!

Yeah, that's what you get when you bought pirated dvds. It's cheaper, we all know that, and some privileged individuals would be fortunate enough to find the good ones. But trust me, the original might be more expensive but it's always better in quality. Besides, you will learn to appreciate it more.

Moral of the story, choose wisely. Better yet, buy the originals!

© Copyright Anak Jagung


onir said…
huhuhuhu.... I usually will buy the pirated one once the original one are out... which means that pirated one are a copy of the original (mostly), or at least the had a better one than the earlier one out... it is after all for our own collection, would be nice to have a better one...
but for a movie that is THAT GOOD, I will buy the original....