From Kota Kinabalu to Vancouver, British Columbia (and all the educating pit stops) - Post 2

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So yeah, this is Post 2 of my journey. Where did I stop? Oh, okay. Before I start this, I just want to correct something from my previous post. It was not a 5 hour 25 minutes' flight but a 4 hour 25 minutes' flight (correction had been made to Post 1) due the changing time zone in Tokyo which is actually 1 hour ahead from The Philippines (Malaysia and The Philippines have the same time zone). Sorry for the inaccurate details. So, coming back to Delta 747-400, it has a personal monitor where you can watch movies, play games, listen to musics and many other things that I don't have time to be occupied with. It even has a tracking location of your flight, like a map from your departure location to your destination, details like how fast the plane is going, how many meters you are from land and etc. I'm sorry, I just need to tell all these because this was my first time experience this kind of the so called flight atmosphere.

We were given 1 breakfast menu and snacks while on the flight and it was really good. Like really really good. Thumbs up Delta. Each row has 10 seats, each 3 at the left and right side of the plane and 4 in the middle. I was seated at the corner end to the right of the middle seat near the aisle. I don't really know how many seats were there altogether but I'm guessing maybe 500-700, I'm not sure. Just imagine this, I was in the middle of Zone 3, a bit further at the back from Zone 1 and 2 and of course the Business Elite Class so all together, there were 4 zones and each zone has 20 rows more or less except for Business Elite. I fell asleep several times, watch a couple of movies which I just let it 'watch' me sleeping. It was actually more to a nap I would say because I need to keep my 'sleepiness' for my next flight, to avoid heavy jet lag, or at least I think it that way, which was not even close to being a fact! You will know what happened next. I reached Narita at about 1.15 p.m., Japan time.

A quick look on Narita International Airport, almost everybody speaks Japanese. Well of course they would, it's Japan, I corrected myself! Silly me. Okay, what I'm trying to say is, I was mesmerized by my surroundings. I only heard a little bit of live speaking-Japanese-people from some Japanese friends I met back home, I said to myself, and from TV and movies, but standing in the middle of a real Japanese crowd really gets me going. Immediately after exiting the plane, we were told that for connecting flight, we have to check-in first before doing anything around the airport. Nervous and excited, I followed the attendant who brought us to our next check-in counter. And through a crowd of lined up people, I began realizing that I was really worn out. Yes, I was tired. You see, I did not sleep at all while waiting for my flight at the Philippines Airport. Approaching the Immigration Check In, I also realized that I need to take my shoes and belt off. So I've read, I said to myself again. No problem at all while crossing the metal detector (I would love to call this 'any-metal-is-weapon' detector because I crossed this dozen of times after and it irritates me a lot) and I freely engaged in touring the boarding area, well, after I put on my shoes and belt of course.

It was a 3 hour layover and I was really keen to see what the outside looks like so I went out of the airport and it got me. It was 16 degrees and I was only wearing a T and jeans! Toured a bit and I decided to put Japan on my next travel list. Well of course since everyone looks like Maria Ozawa! Haha

Took my express lunch (I know lunch will be served on my next flight) inside the airport, need to re-cross the metal detector again (taking off shoes and belt, really?!) and waited for my next flight. Oh yes, Narita Airport receives USD notes.

And did I mention that most of the flight attendants on my Manila-Narita flight (steward stewardess we called them) are erm, seniors? Well good for them! Well done Delta, you have my respect!

Narita, Japan to Portland, Oregon, US.

I am going quick on this since most of my experience on 747-400 was similar except for a few things. It was a 10-11 hour flight and we boarded a Delta 767-400ER. The 10-11 hours, apparently, the original travel hour is supposed to be 11 hours plus-plus (plus-plus, really?!) but we reached Portland quarter pass 10 hours of journey.

Summarized details:
Food? Nice! 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast, snacks all through (on demand)
Monitor in front of the seat? None but we have a big monitor in front.
Flight attendants? Multiracial. Multi erm, size. And of course, multi-age. (Okay, let me clarify on this; I remember a Japanese male attendant, I remember a Filipino lady attendant, white and not so white attendants, I remember seeing a couple of seniors attendants and one, erm, very healthy male attendant - please, I'm just describing. Again, thumbs up Delta. You have my genuine respect!
Bumpiness? Every now and then. Terrifying man!
Journey: You. Seating there. For 10 hours. I know right?! 

I sat next to a guy from China, who asked me a few times about filling in the Immigration Form, near the aisle of the left side seat of the plane. It has 7 seats in a row, both 2 at the left and right side and 3 at the middle. I fell asleep the first hour I was on the plane, watch a little bit of TV, read, fell sleep again, eat a couple of times, went to the lavatory a few times but the last 3 hours was a misery. I was awake the whole time. There was no movie playing. It's dark (don't want to switch on my reading lamp). Not in the mood to read anymore and not in the mood to eat at all. All I can think of is sleeping but I just couldn't. Jet lag, I tell myself.

I left Narita at 3.30 p.m. October 13 and reached Portland at 8.30 a.m, still October 13.
Time difference, e.g:
Time writing this post (Malaysia): 3:06 p.m., 5th of November
Oregon: 11:06 p.m., 4th of November.

Now on the US soil, the real adventure begins!

To be continued ...

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Ned Pungawon said…
thanks lawat blog saya.. ko palan2 track .. ko pandai2la tu.. hehe
Hi bro! This kind of writing I would love to read. I'm enjoying your story. I really love to travel but have fear of flying. Haha!
Tenkiu berabis ni crita ko aaa at least sia tau apa mo buat bila mo travel nanti. Until then, take care. Nununopolah
Ned Pungawon said…
thanks for visiting and spending time to read my post .. betul2 sa hargai... kalau plan betul2, teda masalah tu travel ..
onir said…
wow.... 10 hours ++ sitting.... sakitnya pantat tu sa rasa...2
Ned Pungawon said…
sakit.. boring.. adoii... huhu
Joan said…
mesti ada turbulence kan? those long flights like that kalau terlimpas air pocket..macam mo gugur jak jantung. huhuhu.

travelling for so many hours bikin sakit jiwa raga fizikal dan mental.

looking forward for your next post.
StephenieEzra said…
Wah! siookkk dapat holiday. have a blessed few more weeks holidays