March, Be Kind to Me

When people asked me, 'if you have the chance to go back through time, what would you change?', I usually said 'nothing as everything is education to me'.

I want to go back to December 2012. And January 2013 too.

But no. I will stay this pathetic but I will try to be strong. No matter how hard it is now, I know time will heal me. I survived 4 years, another year will not kill me. And another year after that won't either.

March, be kind to me.
I will not die thinking that you're not mine anymore.

© Copyright Anak Jagung


Eric said…
Heart brokened huh? Still haven't moved on?
Ned Pungawon said…
A thought of the day, that's all.. haha
Eric said…
ghahaha ya la...